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A business name and logo are perhaps two of the most important starting points for any business. The reason behind this is simple yet significant. No matter whether your business is based online or a “brick-and-mortar” business, every company needs an effective identity.

Consider for a second you’re shopping for computer software and you see two similar types of the software side by side. One product carries a well known brand name and the other is simply a design with no apparent identity.  Which one are you more likely to purchase? The one you recognize, correct? If so, you are on the side of the majority of shoppers in the world. Creating a unique logo and business name are essential to establishing a brand name for yourself and your company.

A properly thought out business name must portray who you are and what you do. *We suggest that it should not be too lengthy either. It should be easy to remember and make an instant impact. A business name should also be easy to pronounce. If a customer can’t pronounce it they’ll likely forget it.

A well designed logo should be able to do the same thing. First, you should put some thought into what is unique about your business and who your target market is. Think of words that may come to mind when you think of your company name, the services you provide and the concept behind your business practice.  An effective logo often incorporates its business’ acronym – the initial letters of your company name.

It is advised to trademark your company name and logo. Avoid using the same logo or name as another company; the cost in doing so can only be harmful to your business. Your logo should, at a glance, depict something about your company. An example is if you’re in the home construction business you may consider using a graphic that has something to do with a house, building, tools or the like, incorporated into your logo. If going with simple text treatment you could use a jagged font or manipulate the font into a shape.

The biggest point in a logo is keeping it simple yet recognizable. You don’t need to have a busy logo to get your point across.  Use the appropriate colors, fonts and shapes and lastly, consider your budget. The budget for your logo should include printing costs for business cards and mailing supplies (i.e. letterhead, stationery, envelopes, etc.).

The cost of a professional logo or graphic designer should be included in your budget. A professional designer will do many things for you. First he or she can help you come up with ideas on your logo. A designer’s main job is to create a unique, professional, impacting logo solution for you that will work in variety of areas. The designer will likely create multiple logos for you to choose from and in a host of sizes, which will be useful in different aspects of your company advertising. The sizes should be useful for your online presence, products, business cards or anything you should want to do with your logo. Hiring a professional to design your logo is an extremely important step in obtaining your online identity.

Carefully choose a designer based on previous work, client references and cost. Always keep in mind that you generally “get what you pay for.” There are some wonderful designers out there however, who will offer you an  affordable, well-designed logo.

After selecting your designer provide him or her with as much information about you and your company as possible. The designer can help you come up with ideas for a logo, tagline (slogan) and guide you in the proper use of both. Another important point in the importance of obtaining a professional to create your logo is that he or she can design it in a variety of formats useful throughout your company. They know the correct DPI (dots per inch) for printing and the correct formats for Internet use. They should also design the logo to have the ability to fit in anywhere on any color background easily.

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